PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Keep your gate entry system operating smoothly

Save on repair costs and ensure that your gate entry system works at its full capacity well into the future.

Ensure your property and people are protected with PGAC Preventative Maintenance.

Once you have a gate entry system, you will have to worry about maintaining it. As with most things, preventative maintenance goes a long way to preserving your investment and will allow your gate entry system to function as it should.

Our Preventative Maintenance Services Include:

  • Site review
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Removal of dirt & debris
  • Inspection for pests and related damage

Tips to properly maintain your gate entry system

Keep your gate clean, it may seem simple, but cleaning your gate on a regular basis can help it to last longer. To prevent rust from forming and damaging the metal, you should periodically wash your gate entry system.

Watch out for electrical components, although most manufacturers take great measures to protect the electrical components of your gate the system is still outdoors and in the elements. Pests and bugs can even make their way into these boxes and jeopardize components. Try to keep it clean and if anything seems out of the ordinary call a professional.

Regularly lubricate moving parts, some gates may have all moving parts sealed but others do benefit from regular lubrication. This keeps the gate moving smoothly without hesitation.

Prevent downtime with your gate entry system with our maintenance plan!
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